Trillion The Three-Headed Lion is the last beast in Series 2: The Golden Armour. He guarded the golden Boots. He stalked the Central Plains, killing livestock. He clashed with Tagus, the Horse Man, who managed to fend him off but not defeat him.Tagus was badly injured in the fight. After Tom and Elenna found Tagus, they went into battle against Trillion. Initially, his strength, durability and mulitple heads overwhelmed them, but Tom managed to get the boots and gain the enhanced leg strength they bestowed. Malvel arrived and created a force - field to stop Tom from killing Trillion, however, Tom and Elenna still managed to prevail, drowning Trillion in a lake. Trillion then transformed into a gateway leading to Gorgonia. He later returned, conjured up by Malvel along with Vipero the Snake Man and Claw the Giant Monkey, to prevent Tom from getting the Book of Worlds. He fused with Vipero and Claw, forming a Super - Beast. Tom was able to kill them again. 

Powers: Trillion possess incredible strength, sufficient enough to take on Tagus the Horse Man and win. He wasn't hurt when Elenna shot arrows into him. He possesses massive paws each armed with razor - sharp claws and three enormous mouths full of razor - sharp teeth. He can use his tail to give him a great sense of balance. He has three times the auditory abilities of a regular lion, three times the olfactory abilities of a regular lion and three times the visual ability of a regular lion. 

Weaknesses: Trillion's three huge manes make it impossible for him to swim, as they would become waterlogged and drag him down into the water. 

Stat type Stats
Age 303
Power 202
Magic level 193
Fright factor 85