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Born in the village of Errinel, Tom is the only son of the legendary Taladon the Swift. Tom has inherited great courage and valour from the father who left him as a baby to be brought up by his uncle and aunt.

The king of Avantia invites Tom to embark on a quest to free the kingdom from the evil curses placed upon the beasts that protect it. With his trusted companion, Elenna, Tom travels across Avantia, guided by a magic map.

Accompanied by Storm, a jet-black stallion and a faithful wolf named Silver, the two of them face the biggest adventures of their lives.

Together they set out to defeat the evil wizard Malvel and free the Kingdom of Avantia. Does Tom have what it takes? While there’s blood in his veins, he’s determined to find out.

It is unknown whether he has romantic feelings for Elenna. However in Mortaxe the Skeleton Warrior, he smiles when he sees Elenna in a dress. Though, granted, the dress was ridiculous.

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