The Golden Armour is an item armour set with magical powers for each piece, which belongs to the Master of the Beasts of Avantia. It was the main objective for series 2.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Golden Armour consists in six parts to make it complete. Each has a power of their own, and are guarded by six new Beasts that Malvel had created to guard them. Here is the list:

  • Piece 1: The Golden Helmet. Power: Sharper eyesight and the ability to zoom sight at great distances. Guardian: Zepha the Monster Squid.
  • Piece 2: The Golden Chainmail. Power: Bestows extra courage and heart on those who wear it. Guardian: Claw the Giant Monkey.
  • Piece 3: The Golden Breastplate. Power: Grants super strengthin the wearer. Guardian: Soltra the Stone Charmer.
  • Piece 4: The Golden Leg Armour. Power: To run at great speed and increases endurance. Guardian: Vipero the Snake-Man.
  • Piece 5: The Golden Gaunlets. Power: Grants skill for sword. Guardian: Arachnid the King of Spiders.
  • Piece 6: The Golden Boots. Power: To jump at high and long distances. Guardian: Trillion the Three-Headed Lion.
  • Weakness: The Golden Armour is known to be very heavy underwater which is why various characters such as Captain Harkman have almost drowned by wearing it.

Discovery and UsageEdit

In Zepha the Monster Squid, the armour was said to be a very valuable relic of Avantia, since it belongs to the Master of the Beasts. It eventualy got stolen by some bats sent for revenge by Malvel. He then scattered them around parts of avantia. Tom, Elenna, Aduro, King Hugo, and others eventually heard about this, so Aduro wants Tom to once again take the quest to recover them all. Tom vows to get them all back, and sets his way with Elenna, Storm and Silver at his assistance. He heads for the western sea, where the helmet lies in wait and is the home of Sepron the Sea Serpent. They managed to get there, with the help of their new map, then Tom dived in the sea and in no time at all, spotted the helmet. But he overestimated the sight: instead of simply grabbing the helmet and taking it back to the others, he got suprised by Zepha and eventually swam away from him, as he was being chased and nearly got gobbled up. He then admitted his error, and then thought of a plan with Elenna and the gang.