Muro is a huge and deadly rat that looms nightmarishly and impossibly larger than any known rat, for his massive body vaguely resembles that of a bison, though ragged, patchy, stinking black fur covers his body, torn away in patches to reveal raw, welted pink flesh underneath, and his naked pink tail thrashes and squirms with a life of its own. Huge ears swivel and twitch to pick up the slightest sound, making it impossible for enemies to creep up on Muro or for his dinner to escape, and, even if they do manage to slip away, Muro shall mercilessly hunt them down with gnashing teeth, gnarled claws and a lashing tail which he can use like a lasso. Muro once resided in the Cornfields of Kayonia, but not only did he consume innocent farmers, but he ruined the harvest by using his acidic spittle to melt the shimmer- ing golden crops. Muro is blind, as Tom realised when the Rat Monster did not attack when Tom was standing right in front of it, and he managed to defeat this repulsive creature when he sliced off Muro's squirming tail to get the jade ring embedded within the base of his tail: when Tom destroyed Muro once and for all, the putrid Beast exploded into dozens of squealing black, grey and brown rats that scurried away in all directions.