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Malvel Wizard


Maximus Wizard.

Malvel is a wizard for his evil purpose, leading to his disappearance in the book Epos the Flame Bird, He created 6 new Beasts Zepha the Monster Squid, Claw the Giant Monkey, Soltra the Stone Charmer, Vipero the Snakeman, Arachnid the King of Spiders and Trillion the Three Headed Lion. Malvel was appentice to Wizard Aduro. He is Tom's main enemy, and has tried multiple times to kill Tom. He is the ruler of Gorgonia, and was king of Tavania in series 7. During the events of Doomskull the King of Fear, he was killed by the flames of Ferno.

Character Edit

Malvel is an extremely powerful and dangerous wizard - the true personification of evil in Avantia. He is arrogant, sadistic, abusive, cunning, manipulative, ruthless, psychopathic and highly intelligent.

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