This is a list of all title Beasts from the Beast Quest series, including both released and upcoming titles. There are currently 110 Beasts and 21 special Beasts published and 10 yet to come. Only official Beasts are listed here. 

Series 1: Beast Quest (1-6)Edit

Series 2: The Golden Armour (7-12)Edit

Series 3: The Dark Realm (13-18)Edit

Series 4: The Amulet of Avantia (19-24)Edit

Series 5: The Shade of Death (25-30)Edit

Series 6: The World of Chaos (31-36)Edit

Series 7: The Lost World (37-42)Edit

Series 8: The Pirate King (43-48)Edit

Series 9: The Warlock's Staff (49-54)Edit

Series 10: Master of the Beasts (55-60)Edit

Series 11: The New Age (61-66)Edit

Series 12: The Darkest Hour (67-72)Edit

Series 13: The Warrior's Road (73-78)Edit

Series 14: The Cursed Dragon (79-82)Edit

Series 15: Velmal's Revenge (83-86)Edit

Series 16: The Siege of Gwildor (87-90)Edit

Series 17: The Broken Star (91-94)Edit

Series 18: The Trial of Heroes (95-98)Edit

Series 19: The Kingdom of Dragons (99-102)Edit

Series 20: The Isle of Ghosts (103-106)Edit

Series 21: The Sorcerer's Revenge (107-110)Edit

Series 22: The Remnants of Time (111-114)Edit

Series 23: Return of the Prince (115-118)Edit

Series 24: The Magic Wand (119-122)Edit

Special Bumper EditionsEdit


Master Your DestinyEdit

Battle of the BeastsEdit

The Chronicles of AvantiaEdit

Beast Quest LegendsEdit


  • Ferno, Sepron, Arcta, Tagus, Nanook and Epos are the very first Beasts Tom faces in series 1.
  • Some Beasts are similar to mythical creatures and dinosaurs.
  • Some Beasts look surprisingly like the characters from cartoons, movies and video games.
  • Spiros was said to be the seventh Beast of Avantia.
  • Skor was revived in The Dark Cauldron.
  • Narga was revived in Sepron VS Narga.
  • Series 13 was the last series with six Beasts.
  • Series 14 is the first series with four Beasts.
  • Kara was fused with Jalka into Jakara.
  • The humans and animals are cursed into Beasts in series 9 and 16.
  • Falkor was a legendary Beast controlled by Berric.
  • In series 19 the Beasts Quarg, Korvax, Vetrix and Strytor are nothing but Dragons.
  • The Evil Beasts were revived in series 20.