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Krestor the Crushing Terror is the third Beast in the Lost World series.

Profile Edit

Krestor has a magic water lily petal that helps lilies and all the light pink flowers grow. His magic is a shower of pale pink sparkles. Krestor loves the water and everything that lives on or below its surface. He often goes exploring underwater, by using his magic to allow him to breathe like a fish.


Krestor has purple spikes on his back. He has a long serpent-like neck and webbed claws. He wears a lily pendant necklace on his neck (as seen in Chapter 7 of Brutus’s book and the last chapter of Serpio’s book). His eyes are oval-shaped and green-tinted (they were red-tinted in his own book, but were later changed to green-tinted to show this Beast’s true colors in Brutus’s book).

Symbol: Pink tinted white lilies.

Magic Object/Job:Edit

Job: Caring for all the lilies and pink-flowers.

Magic Object:  A pale pink lily petal. 


  • His Swedish name is Nellie.
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