Hecton the Body snatcher is a beast that Tom, Elena, Silver and Storm faced in the 3rd book of the 8th series, the 45th book overall. He was one of the beasts summoned by Sanpao the Pirate King in his attempt to steal a magical tree.

Appearance Edit

Hecton is a humanoid, with unnaturally sharp teeth, eyes that have diagonal pupils and worms for hair. He wears a cloak made of the bodies of his victims, with a bull's skull for a hood. He also wields a trident and a net.

Powers and abilities Edit

Hecton is an expert user of the trident, and the fact that he also uses a net to ensnare his victims before impaling them with his trident and snatching their bodies increases his lethality. In addition, the worms on his head will burrow into his victims, taking away their body. He can also speak.

History Edit

Tom and Elena met Hecton in a forest and did battle with him. It was during this battle that Elena noticed the cloak was made out of the hides of his previous victims. Tom hit upon the idea of ensnaring him with his own net, upon which Hecton then fell victim to his own worms. Then, Hecton vanished, and all the creatures in his cloak were freed. The only thing that remained of the Body-snatcher was his trident, a token which would prove useful to Tom and Elena later in their quest.