Ferno The Fire Dragon is a dragon living on a mountain in western Avantia. He guards the Winding River. When the river is liable to flood, he builds dams with his massive paws to stop it from flooding the riverside villages.  He was the first Beast to be freed in the first series. He had a chain around his neck. Ferno then gave Tom one of his scales, which made his shield fireproof. He later returned to help Tom bring Vedra and Krimon to Rion, then help Tom defeat Claw the Giant Monkey. He helped Tom find Spiros the Ghost Phoenix along with the other Good Beasts. He was imprisoned by Tusk the Mighty Mammoth in Gorgonia, but Tom freed him. He helped Tom defeat Sephir the Storm Monster and he was enchanted by Malvel's son Maximus. So he was forced to fight Epos and a new hero called Sam. After Epos he is the second strongest beast in Avantia.


Like all dragons, Ferno possesses the ability to breath superheated fire. These flames can burn through wood very easily and is shown to be able to melt metal. Ferno's scales cannot be penetrated by any sword or arrow, and they are immune to both his own fires and others. However, his ironclad hide can be breached by other Beasts, such as Tusk, the Mighty Mammoth, and he can be harmed by Gorgonian snake vines. His fangs and claws can rip through flesh, bone, wood and metal, and they are very intimidating to opponents. Ferno possesses massive scaled wings which allow him to fly with great speed and manoeuvrability. He was able to fly from his home mountain to a lake near the Forest of Fear in under an hour. He is also capable of disguising himself as a mountain or a boulder. He is also capable of disguising others by covering them with his wings. He is also remarkably strong, capable of lifting massive boulders with his claws and going toe to toe with other Beasts, such as Tusk and Epos. He is capable of creating hot winds by beating his wings. 


Ferno is very susceptible to magical manipulation, as both Malvel and Maximus could control him easily, and he can be harmed by other Beasts. He also is oddly vulnerable to the snake vines that dwell in Gorgonia's forests. Spow Pow Pow pwo

Collector Card InfoEdit

Collector Card Info for Ferno the Fire Dragon
Stat type stats
Age 288
Power 212
Magic level 180
Fright factor 91

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