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Elenna is a main character and Tom's companion in the Beast Quest series.

Personality Edit

Elenna is an enthusiastic cyclist from the kingdom of Kayonia. An environmentalist at heart, her only mode of transportation is her trusty bike she calls “Old Blue”. Elenna has a peculiar home by the Western Ocean. A while back, she purchased one of Avantia’s last remaining windmills. Elenna repaired and converted it into a tiny wind-powered house. There she lives with her pet wolf, Silver. Elenna & Silver often take part in various forest-saving fundraisers, the most recent being Pedal for the Jungle, a bike ride to raise money to protect the Misty Jungle.


Elenna has fair skin and platinum purple hair. She wears a royal blue tank top with light blue spiral patterns and yellow “grilled” arrows tucked into the collar. She also wears white pants and a pair of golden yellow gloves, and yellow-laced blue sneakers with a white accent.

Kin Edit

Elenna lost both her parents at a very young age, and was raised by her uncle, who is a fisherman that appears in a few of the Beast Quest books, making his debut in Sepron the Sea Serpent.

Quotes Edit

  • ”Give a girl the shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

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