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Template:Multi-theme Character Infobox Convol the Cold-Blooded Bruteis the first Beast in the Petal Beasts series. 

Profile Edit

Convol carries an orange tulip petal that makes orange flowers grow. His footsteps create a shower of orange magic dust. Convol is an early riser. In fact, he likes to arrive early for everything. That might explain why tulips are one of the very first flowers to bloom in springtime.

Appearance Edit

Convol has green scales with long brown wavy hair. He wears an orange and white gradient scarf with orange ballet pumps (as shown in his impersonation image of a ballet dancer in Torno’s book) and an orange tulip pendant necklace. His feet are pointy and  orange tinted. 

Symbol: Orange tulips. 

Magical Object/JobEdit

Job: Protecting all the tulips and other orange flowers. 

Magic Object: An orange tulip petal. 


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