the cover from the book

Bloodboar is a giant warthog with armor that can deflect all known weapons. Spikes point out all over him to tear anything in his way apart, but underneath his armor he is very vunlrable and weak.

Bloodboar was sent by Sanpao the Pirate King to attack the main city and tear up the tree of being he attacked the outlieing villages but before he could get inside they closed the draw bridge being one of the smartist beasts he desided he was going to tunnel in using his tusks he bust in just as Tom and Elenna got there. They did battle with Bloodboar he was defeated when he triped up and lost his armor and disapeared in a cloud of ash.


Beast Quest(The Pirate King)Book 48.Bloodboar the Buried Doom

Age: 233

Power: 350

Magic Level: 180

Freak Factor: 86