• Chipper the Crow


    December 13, 2017 by Chipper the Crow

    I'm salty because Kensa isn't a page yet. She's the only one I feel could have some real character. Oh, and why aren't there any enemies with, oh, depth?

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  • Lilpup5555

    Hello everyone,

    How are you? I’m good thanks but if you’re an unregistered user, you might not be very good by the end of the blog. Not many Fandom Users read blogs but this one is just here to notify everyone of the big thing that (kind of accidentally) happened.

    Because I like essay blogs, I’m going to pad this one out a bit even though it doesn’t need it. If you don’t care and only want to know what I’m on about, feel free to skip most of it. You may notice lots of bold writing in this blog just to emphasize certain words.


    What is an ‘unregistered user’?

    Unregistered users are also known as Fandom Users or as they used to be called Wiki Contributors. If you haven’t signed up for an account with an email, you’re an unregistered user. In m…

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